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UAV Course

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Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Course costs is RM8,000.00 per person. The course is a 3-day course

with emphasises on UAV Theory and Practical. At the end of the course, we will issue participants

with UAV Operator’s Certificate in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Operations.

If you want to reserve your spot in an upcoming class or you have any questions about other

course options available, please contact us at 03-4131 7460 or [email protected]

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RM 8,000

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Though Department of Aviation (DCA) has yet to release the regulations and standards for the issuance of a

Pilot Permit for small UAV operation, a comprehensive list of required knowledge has been published.

Participants who have completed ground school training on these required knowledge topics by an approved

operator, and who meet the other outlined requirements, are recognised by Industry players as pilots of UAV

systems. The benefits of this recognition are immense. A trained pilot can avoid fines by knowing and

understanding regulations, receive expedited and promote their business as a quality trained professional.


· 3 Days Intensive Training – 1 Day Class Training (Theory), 2 Days Field Training (Hands-On)

· All pertinent Best Practices including the Knowledge Requirements outlined in the Knowledge

Requirements for Pilots of Unmanned Air Vehicle Systems (UAV) 25 kg or Less, Operating within

Visual Line of Sight.

· Practical industry knowledge from experienced commercial pilot instructors and UAV system


· Safe UAV operation.

· Introduction to radio control aeroplane, basic aeronautics and radio control electronics.

· Introduction to 3DR Solo autopilot system and related components.

· Basic radio control 3DR Solo flight training with computer Mission Planner apps.

· Hands-on radio control 3DR Solo training with our equipment. Emphasis on basic traffic patterns,

take off and landing in autopilot-aided mode.

· 3DR Solo Mission planning and Ground Control Station operation and monitoring.

· Training will be conducted at client’s site.


We provide additional training after the ground school that will help you get your aerial

operations up and running right from the ground up through a fully functional operation.


Flight training is available for pilots of all skill levels. We teach hands-on piloting skills in fixed

wing, multirotor and single rotor platforms.


Informed industry professionals guide you on latest and greatest technologies to suit your needs.

Our team takes you through the process of finding the right hardware for your needs and can

even help with the purchase and import process.


UAV businesses training is a custom programme tuned to your needs. We help you through the

intricacies of dealing with the complications of regulation and complex UAV operations. The areas

that most customers use our consulting include:

· Custom UAV technology development

· Insurance needs

· Operations design

· Procedural analysis and design

· Facilities

· Equipment consultation (See “Equipment Consultation” above)


Understand your machine’s intricacies to maximise your productivity and profit. We will teach out

about your aircraft’s hardware and software. We help you with best practices for flight

procedures, maintenance and storage as well as the system specific knowledge needed to

perform your operations safely and legally.


The following is a breakdown of the course structure. This is an intensive programme. Participants

should come prepared with note-taking materials. Course notes and appropriate handouts will be

supplied. Lunch may be provided; contact for details.

· Pilot Knowledge Requirements

• Malaysian Aviation Regulations

• Meteorology

• General Knowledge – Theory of Flight and Human Factors

• Navigation

· Aeronautical Radio Telephony (ROC-A)

· Practical Knowledge Topics

• SFOC Application Procedures

• Operational Procedures

• Industry Best Practices