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TBS Disco Frame w DJI Arm

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TBS Discovery Frame with Ori DJI Arm only

Complete set RTF different price with variable of ESC, Motor, props, RX, TX, gimbal , FPV any many other optional items.

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About the TBS Discovery

This TBS produced frame has been specifically designed for wear and tear, so if your piloting style leans towards the maxim of “fly it like you stole it” this would be a good starting structure on which to build your quadcopter.  Having the wiring added into the frame makes this one of the easier copters to build compared to others in this class, and provides a quality in video relay and signal range that is hard to beat by competitors. Using DJI Flamewheel arms as part of the build will make them the weakest chain in the link by design, so in crashes they will take the brunt of the damage while keeping the electronics safe in the frame, and can be swapped out with comparative ease.

Main features of the TBS Discovery Quadcopter Frame

Considered as an upgrade to the F450 Flamewheel, this frame can be integrated with flamewheel arms to create a spider quadcopter, with the mounting placement for the GoPro and FPV optimised to ensure no part of the aircraft is captured as part of the footage.

The frame boards are manufactured with wiring already onboard for adding a TBS CORE into your package, along with sockets for Plug&Play VTx and Cameras making the build simpler and easier.

The 100A current sensor and power distribution board built into the frame make for the perfect companion to an EzOSD.

For idea and illustration purpose.

Consider this the platform on which your multi-rotor is built. At its simplest, TBS’ Discovery consists of a top and bottom plate with a number of bundled and integrated subsystems, including its own CORE on-screen display module, a licensed controller for the brushless gimbal, and a camera switcher.

Of course, TBS’ aluminum gimbal frame is a centerpiece of the package, allowing you to strap a GoPro onto the quad and film high-def content. Enabling good-quality footage requires vibration isolation, which TBS addresses through a grommet set. There’s also a bundled GoPro output board to interface with the camera, two direct-drive motors for controlling the GoPro on horizontal and vertical axes and Team BlackSheep’s inertial measurement unit. All of the cables, screws, standoffs and bearings you need to assemble those components are included.

You can start with this basic package and add to it using hardware from other vendors. Or, remain on TBS’ site and fill in the blanks through a number of customization options. The Discovery Gimbal Frame leaves you in need of frame arms, to which motors and props must be attached, four speed controllers to drive those motors, a flight control computer, a battery, transmit/receive hardware for flight input and transmit/receive hardware for your first-person view (plus the GoPro, if you plan on filming it all).

Yes, that’s a lot of “leftover” equipment to purchase, and yes, it adds up quickly. But TBS expounds on its baseline offering with a few different packages that at least take guesswork out of the equation. In addition to Team BlackSheep’s entry-level Discovery and Endurance Discovery Pro, you can buy the Discovery as a Starter Set or Long Range Set. However the lower frequencies penetrate obstacles more effectively. So, the Starter Set includes a 5.8GHz video link and 2.4GHz remote control, while the Long Range kit features 2.4GHz video and 433MHz EzUHF remote control. I wanted to spread my wings and really fly, so I picked up the latter configuration.

Beyond the base package, stepping up to the Long Range Set gets you four Flame Wheel F450 arms, DJI’s Naza Lite Flight Control + GPS, four 900kV motors, a quartet of TBS Bulletproof speed controllers, Graupner propellers, FrSky’s Taranis X9D remote control, an EzUHF transmitter module, TBS’ own 4S 3.3A LiPo battery, a charger, TBS’ 59 FPV camera, Fat Shark Dominator video glasses, a Lawmate receiver, TBS' own Unify 2.4GHz video transmitter, a TBS Groundstation LiPo 3S 5Ah battery and a Flame Wheel VTx mount, along with the little bits you’d find yourself missing otherwise like servo extensions, Velcro straps and connectors. Again, that’s a long list of parts, and there’s something to be said for a group of enthusiasts hand-picking them.

TBS' more efficient 1000kV motor, which we upgraded toTBS' more efficient 1000kV motor

Of course, that doesn’t mean everything in the Long Range Set is top-of-the-line. TBS gives you a long list of options worth considering. Upgrade the Naza controller, step up to the 69 FPV camera, add another battery to extend your afternoon of flying, upgrade to a bigger battery, trading agility for range, have TBS tune components, upgrade to more powerful motors, swap in a longer-range antenna.