Tarot 4114/320KV Brushless Motor

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Tarot 4114/320KV Motor

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Tarot 4114/320KV Brushless Motor Expand

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4114/320KV efficient multi-axis brushless motor designed for multi-rotor design, the use of high-precision CNC machined looks flat table smooth Seamless excellent balanceEfficient turbofan superstructure of the new design,powerful airflowrotor with high magnetic NdFeB refinedthe stator using high-strength epoxy pressure reinforcementprotection high temperaturehigh-flux external rotor motor through a special balance correction, improved vibration problems caused by poor ordinary external rotor motor balancehigh-speed alloy steel motor shaftUpper and lowermotor cover with large-size high-speed precision bearings, has the advantages of low friction torquepower lossimpact resistance, instant high speed radial support4114/KV 320 new generation of brushless motor has passed strictdynamic and static magnetic field characteristics of magnetic high temperature demagnetization loss, sports vibration,noise, load performance engineering and technical feasibility studiesContinuation of inherited the TAROT brushlessmotorlong life, high efficiency, low power consumption, low noisestable control superior characteristics.

Product parameters:
Motor outside diameter46 mm
Stator diameter41 mm
Stator end thickness14 mm
Stator end: 24N
The number of motor poles22P
Diameter: 0.31 mm
Per volt speed320 RPM / Volt
22.2V empty-Load Current: 0.5 Amps
Motor internal resistance126 mΩ
Motor Weight: 148 grams
Gear shaft mounting diameter mm
Motor Length: 32  mm
Motor shaft total length37 mm

M2.5 × 6 step screw × 3
4114-11 KV320 × 1