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DJI Phantom 3 Standard 2.7k Camera Expand

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The Splash Drone AUTO is a fully waterproof quadcopter, packed with useful features and capable of landing and floating on water.

The AUTO version is our fully loaded drone with great features such as: follow me mode, autonomous mode for creating flight paths, and the ability to fly the drone from your mobile phone using our custom app. 

This drone is designed for the outdoor type who uses a GoPro camera to capture their adventure on water or land. Watch the videos to see the Splash Drone in action, and check out the detailed feature list below!

Returns home at the flip of a switch
  • Returns home at the flip of a switch.
  • Automatically returns if travels too far.
  • Climbs to a set altitude before returning home.
  • Easy to fly with altitude stabilization
  • Steady flight in up to 25mph wind
  • Speeds of up to 28mph
25 miles an hour wind resistance
  • Focusing on a single object is automatic
  • Camera point of interest keeps any item in focus - regardless of the flight pattern
  • Automatically fly around you with Intelligent Orientation Mode
  • Built-in safety features keep your drone safe
  • Low battery warning with alarm and LED 
  • If no response, the drone will land itself
  • Remote control with 7" display
  • On screen display provides key flight data
  • Stream live video from GoPro camera to the monitor


  • Ready to Fly Splash Drone AUTO
  • Waterproof Gimbal with GoPro Case
  • Payload Release Mechanism
  • Four Carbon Fiber Propellers
  • 2.4ghz 8 Channel Remote Control
  • Flight Battery
  • Battery Charger