UAV Industrial Application

As technology changes and increases, new types of drones or UAV / UAS are built for various industrial application are being discovered each day. This increases the need and interest in drones and increases the interest of experts drone operators. Once the UAV business makes drones for industrial use, its marketplace may grow and much more jobs naturally being created.

At the drone industry, an individual may choose from the numerous career paths accessible in the market from a UAV aviator to an aerial photographer or videographer, to a 3D mapping career, to journalism and so forth.




Average Drone Sky

Aerial Photography & Video

UAV with high-tech including the single chip microcomputer technology, sensor technology, GPS navigation technology, communication technology, the flight control technology etc.
The shooting images with high resolution, large scale, small area, particularly suited to get belt area images (highways, railways, rivers, reservoirs, etc.).
UAV is easy to operate with remote sensing platform;
Small land and take off the space requirement, like in the playground and a broad highway or any other open area.
UAV with stability, security, smart, lightweight, low noise, energy saving, high-efficiency motor, clear image and intelligent.




Plant Conservation
Plant conservation UAV adopts mature and stable V8 control system, can achieve the function of one-key-start and one-key-landing, take-off stability, fixed height, fixed-point hover, automatic return, auto-return while out of control , automatic spraying, fixed-point spraying and soon.
X6-1900 crop sprayer UAV can take 15kg pesticide tank, with one full charged battery it can fly over 20 minutes, and spray an area of 30,000 square metre.
Equipment configuration:
1) Adopt four rotor carbon fibre frame structure, portable folding, strong power, perfect process; With high-end intelligent flight controller, stable and reliable;
2) Pesticide spraying system
3) Power system: dedicated lithium polymer battery; high-powered professional balance charger, 16A battery module set.



Bridge Inspection

UAV can spot hover observation, real-time image transmission, and auto-flight. Comparing with traditional inspection, UAV has many advantages:
1) Low cost: adopt a mature technology, large-scale application in various of fields. Only battery is enough, no additional cost, which is far below bridge inspection vehicle & common inspection.
2) High inspection accuracy: multi-axis aircraft can carry high-resolution camera, make repeated & detailed shooting for all kinds of bridge defect.
3) Flexible and wide range of application: easy to take off and land, in favour of the bridge routine inspection. Easy maintenance, modular structure body easy to transport, equipped with peripheral devices convenient and flexible to upgrade or replace. As the rapid growth requirement of the bridge inspection, choosing one safety, best, simple & efficiency way with low cost was extremely important.
System functions:
1) Concrete voids and pits, exposed reinforce bar, spalling and cracks
2) Inspection bolts status
3) Other structure safety defect.



Pipe Line Inspection

Oil and gas pipelines provide important energy transportation services for the daily life, their safety is the focus of whole section, so regular inspections is necessary. If just depend on workman and ground vehicles, the inspection efficiency is very low. It is very difficult in finding a variety of hidden faults and security threats.
Pipeline UAV inspection system, is specially developed by our company to inspect the petroleum pipeline, gas pipeline and liquefied gas pipeline. Consisting of aircraft flight control as a platform, equipped with high-definition cameras, video cameras, ultraviolet imager, thermal infrared imager and other professional equipment, this system can achieve the automatic long-distance pipeline inspections in daytime. It can automatically hover and send image & videos back to headquarters while find leaks and steal target.
With the rapid patrol and feedback speed, this system can guarantee the discovery of steal and the pipeline repair in time, to minimise the lost, and abandon the low efficient manual inspection at the same time.
System advantages:
1) Detect hidden danger timely, reduce the probability of major accident
2) Precise positioning, irregular monitoring for oil-leaking and oil-stolen location, can control the oil stolen.
3) Timely locating, qualitative emergencies, shorten the processing time, reduce energy waste, environmental pollution even avoid the disasters.
System functions:
1) Intelligent fully autonomous flight capability
2) Multiple security protection
3) Night camera
4) Option fixed-point Airdrop function
5) Option remote speaker function



REFILE - CAPION CLARIFICATION A drone operated by paramilitary police flies over the site of August 12, 2015 explosions at Binhai new district in Tianjin, China, in this August 17, 2015 file photo. REUTERS/Kim Kyung-Hoon/Files

Fire Protection & Inspection 

UAV low-medium altitude inspection system has the characteristics of fast motorised, low cost, simple operation and easy maintenance. With the real-time patrol inspection capacity, real-time TV image and far infrared imaging fast acquisition system, it can obtain the dynamic information of the fire disaster accurately, and remote the fire situation that ground patrol can not approached. Also can solve the problems which normal plane can not solve, such as night fly, smoke caused poor visibility etc. UAV have the unique advantage which can fly to any place especial vehicle and ranger can not reached, it will be widely used in supervision, fire prevention, disaster assessment, etc.
UAV fire prevention system features:
1) Self-owned intellectual property rights, high-cost performance
2) Digital cloudy platform with GPS, accurate positioning fire
3) Can fly anywhere which you want, one button click return
4) HD camera
5) Real-time monitoring & night fly
6) Wireless digital transmission
7) Easy transport, investigate large areas



Public Security Surveillance & Crisis Response

Our company focus on the UAV system development and research since foundation.
We also adopt foreign mature and advanced fight control system, and cooperate with Word-famous brand Company and keep good relationship for many years.
Our police UAV was reliable, practical and high technology, which can carry camera, radar, loudspeaker, fire extinguishing bombs, alarms and other different equipment according customer requirement.
It is widely used in inspection of high-altitude inspection and tracking shot.
It has special inspecting effect on high-rise building fire, anti-terrorism, forest and grassland fire, sudden earthquakes, flood, major traffic accident and soon.
UAV was one of irreplaceable equipments for the modernization public security equipment now.




Surveying & Mapping

Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)is new technologies for the mapping topographic in remote sensing field, low cost, fast response, easy transportation , can be working in the complex filed environment. Not only can finish the aerial photo of the traditional plane, but also do more jobs which traditional methods can not enter. Simple structure, fly by remote control and ground station control, flexible working process.
Photogrammetry enables us to deliver huge images that show precise detail and scale. We utilise specialist software that processes both drone and terrestrial acquired imagery, converting it into highly accurate orthomosaics, surface models, point clouds, textured 3D models and amplified CAD models.



Tower Inspection

Inspection project for telecommunication and power plant is dedicated for a professional only.
Electrical and transmission tower are very hard to check and maintenance due to the height and its safety hazard.

Traditional inspection is done via telescope observation and manual was a normal method but have disadvantages:
1) Low efficiency, high labour cost.
2) Working aloft, high cost
3) Shut down generator while inspection

UAV inspection advantage:
UAV can do the precision inspect instead of telescope and greatly increase the efficiency and no need shutdown power station.
UAV can hover and low speed fight suitable for inspection and easy to operate, maintenance for high towers.



Environmental Monitoring

This system can detect and analyse the PM2.5, PM10, and SO2 in air, and forecast the haze weather through the analysis.
System structure and working principle:
The whole monitoring system includes mobile fly platform, airborne gas inspection equipment, airborne 3G/ 4G communication mode, HD video system, ground communication base station and wireless transmission module. We can get the precise geographic & altitude coordinates location air data information through flying mobile platform and variety of airborne gas sensor, and then transfer all the data to the high-performance computing platform through the airborne 3G/ 4G communication modules real-time, get all the comprehensive inspection data and accurate forecasting.
System advantages:
Compared to traditional smoke inspection devices, UAV can remote launch and silence monitor, reduce the environmental inspectors working time and labour cost.
There is no fake inspection data, enhanced the power of environment monitoring. Government can quickly locate, monitor then make accurate and timely decisions on emergency smoke pollution incidents.
UAV monitoring can track the gas emission pollution source even across different provinces. And it will be very easy to define which province should take the gas pollution responsibility through several UAV’s quantitative analysis of the atmospheric data.



Electric Circuit Patrol

Electric circuit patrol UAV can offer the real on-site information timely like power grid dispatching, disaster prevention, and equipment maintenance.
With high attendance rate, high efficiency, high security, easy operating, flexible steering with low speed, extreme low attitude flight, hovering flight, vertical take-off and handing.
Increase the speed of the electric power maintenance in complex environment under the safety. More than 40 times efficiency than human work, reduce labor intensity and cost.
With characteristics of fast patrol speed, quickly response and provide real-time information, avoid the lost while shut down the power station.
Stringing UAV with high efficiency, equipped with special remote control system as a guider to drag the nylon rope first and then we will connect the guide rope and steel traction rope together, drag the steel rope through tractor, and connect steel rope with cable then finish the stringing work process finally.