Trade In Used Drone Aircraft

Good news for Malaysia flyer, Average Drone RC is the only shop accept trade in and buy used DJI aircraft. We accepts your RTF and malfunction components unit. Contact us If you planning to upgrade your aircraft.

Due to strong demand, We also have second hand used unit stock and all our resell used aircraft comes together with shop warranty. Talk to us now for free consultation…

As such, Average Drone RC shop is now open for drone services and trading of new and used unit.

Convert your Drone to Cash is now available.


We accept second hand unit of :

ready to fly (RTF) and almost ready to fly (ARTF)


Component unit :

Motor, electronic flight controller (ESC), Flight controller (FC), Remote controller (RC) and Receiver, FPV componets, gimbal and many others.


For your information, the Not accepted drone components:

Frame, Propellers and Battery