TNB Power Event Roadshow

Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB) as the largest Electric power company in Asia, invited Average Drone to participate to their annual ICT Day on 27 May 2015 venue at their Headquarter Bangsar. TNB has been very supportive provide us with total 2 booths the indoor and outdoor to showcase drone products and services. We managed to demo on several drones ranging from toy-grades up to pro-grades to their managers and working class and exposed the drone technology benefit towards their operational building surveillance and inspection. There were many stunt and excitement going on during the demonstration. We were honoured to be given such blessing to participate in this event which traditionally only “big boys” companies were invited.
Thank you TNB and not to forget our team committee members for the participation Brother Daryl, Afzal, Mustaqim, Munir HSE, Matdi, A. Albab, Kudin, Booden, Afiq and many more for your support! Hope to see this excitement again next year.