Search and Rescue Experience of China

Search and rescue using drone proved it worth their weight in gold at times of natural disaster or emergency.


A drone operated by paramilitary police flies over the site of August 12, 2015 explosions at Binhai new district in Tianjin, China, in this August 17, 2015 file photo. REUTERS/Kim Kyung-Hoon/Files
A drone operated by paramilitary police flies over the site of August 12, 2015 explosions at Binhai new district in Tianjin, China, in this August 17, 2015 file photo. REUTERS/Kim Kyung-Hoon/Files



Without drones, accurate damage assessment would not have been possible via aerial pictures of site explosion at Tianjin China 2015  — Reuters

When an explosion devastated parts of China’s Tianjin port in August, one insurance company turned to Chinese-made drones to help analyse the rubble and estimate the damages by comparing satellite photographs of the site ahead of the blast with high-resolution images taken later by drones.




The image is vital for Insurance Company to determine how many vehicles had been destroyed and total the losses for German automaker Volkswagen.

“There was nothing left but a big hole in the ground,” Lin Changqing, a deputy general manager at PICC Property and Casualty Co told Reuters. With the government maintaining a 1km exclusion zone around the site, an accurate loss assessment would have been “mission impossible” without unpiloted aircraft, he added.


China outlook of drone industry 

Research firm Taibo Intelligence forecasts Chinese drone industry revenue to more than double to 2.5bil yuan (RM1.65bil) this year and grow by as much as eight-fold to 20bil yuan (RM13.25bil) by 2020.

“Twenty years ago we used bicycles to measure the size of big farm fields,” PICC chief of disaster research Guo Qing said. However, a drone can now do the same task of job in five minutes.

Chinese drone developers are racking up an impressive list of aerial solutions for a growing variety of demands, from police surveillance to agricultural mapping and traffic management. Already well established as a world leader in drone manufacturing, China is slowly emerging as a world-class innovator, not just a duplicator of foreign designs.

Many of China’s drone pioneers can be found at Beihang University, the country’s top aviation school, where students are encouraged to commercialise their research.

The school has attracted the attention of Innovation Works, the venture capital firm founded by Google’s former China chief Kai-Fu Lee, which invested 4mil yuan (RM2.65mil) in Hao Heng Zeng Tu, a student start-up helmed by Chu Zhen, a 25-year-old satellite navigation major.

Other investors include Intel Corp, which in August invested more than US$60mil (RM257.64mil) in Yuneec International, one of China’s biggest electric drone makers.


Chinese firm SZ DJI Technology Co, the world’s biggest consumer drone maker, will open its first flagship retail store in Shenzhen on Dec 20. The company claims 70% of the commercial market worldwide and a larger portion of the consumer market.

Others are lining up to replicate SZ’s success. Wuhan Airbird UAV Co Ltd designs and maintains drones for the government, corporate and private users. But its traffic monitoring micro-drone – so small it can be launched from a car window – is proving a hit with the car-driving public.

The privately-held manufacturer expects revenue to rise 50% this year to 18mil yuan (RM11.86mil) and employs about 45 engineers and mechanics.

Malaysia Introduction

Malaysia got lots of potentials to set a good mark of drone technology as we have got lots of talents and government support towards drone as fall under high technology sector. At this time of reporting, we believe that innovations and R&D are also happening at local scene privately.

Average Drone RC Services Team have received lots of enquiries from local universities student’s projects from International Islamic University Malaysia (UIA) and Universiti Technology Petronas (UTP) and are in support of such innovations and promotes healthy development for Malaysia.

Let us know should you have a good idea, contact or projects towards this initiative.

Last but not least, we also would like to congratulate UIA team for the winner of the Aerofest 2015 (inter-university competition)