Drone Pilot Training

We provide Drone Pilot Training of:

  1. Basic training 
  2. Advanced training
  3. Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Course

Training will include the common body of knowledge of its law and regulations, safety standard, training modules, training handout and certificates.

The training will be held indoor for concepts and outdoor class for practical.

The arrangement of the venue and time is based on-demand basis.


Benefits of the course

This course is an introduction to basic aspects of drone handling, safety, rules and regulations and is designed for professional operators of drones.

The Drone Pilot Training (Basic) module is a stand-alone course providing candidates with a level of understanding and knowledge appropriate for their work in the drone usage. This course can also be completed by professionals who have occupations related to drone operations (aerial photography/videography, aerial inspection, agriculture, project monitoring etc)

This qualification is essential to those who intend to join the Drone Pilot Training.


As such, we are open for any collaboration with International and Malaysia local service provider in the services establishment.