Membership Plan

Is where you get access to a package of our membership subscription plan.

You can choose for Membership services under the following offering package:-


  • Silver Subscription – Learning & tutorial on drone photography and cinematography 

    • (Price: Free! (*terms and condition apply – under promotional packages value over RM500 renewal annually).
    • how to fly, what to know before fly, camera setup, handling skill, flight pattern theory, the drama shot, memorial scene, there so


      more to list here to be updated very soon.

    • Post-production or editing, the design principal, technique, add


      , sound, what to do and not to do on final production, while the library content will be growing in free time…



  • VIP Subscription – Consultancy, technical know-how and premium project backup support.

    There is no standard fee right now. The fee is quoted on per project case to case basis… Talk to us now