Drone Race AGP Good News

Good News..

HQ Props are generously able to cater the free propellers for all participants drone racing airframe class 250 – 330 class only.

The available props sizes are as follows :
1) HQ 4×4.5 Bull Nose
2) HQ 5×4.5 Bull Nose
3) HQ 5.5×4.5 Bull Nose
4) HQ 6×4.5 Bull Nose
5) HQ 5×4 Direct Drive
6) HQ 5x4x3 (Triple Prop)
5) HQ 6×4.5 Direct Drive

Terms &Conditions:
-The HQ sponsorship generally covers the unlimited supply to only the Registered Race Participants during both the Practice Day and Actual Day only.
-HQ Prop shall not be responsible for the choice of prop wrongly used on their Drones without proper PID tunings.
-Issue of Props will be on 1-to-1 exchange basis (Broken Props are strictly to be returned for exchange to new ones at the HQ Prop booth).
-All Registered Race Participants are entitled to the HQ Prop Supply for both practice day and actual day.
-It is not mandatory for the race participant to use only HQ Prop, they can use other props but we will not be able to sponsor them for the race (they have to bring their own props).

More information is available at http://mydronegp.com/