As Seen On TV3 Malaysia Media Milestone

It is a great honour to our Pilot team members was invited by TV3 to present our showdown on drone pilot demo as introduction to mass public 3 February 2015.


The event was a successful and full of enjoyment from drone pilot crew and the TV3 crew itself.

It is our appreciation for the lead team Mr Eddie Putera, Mr Hamdi, Mr Oh Keat, Mr Shamy, Mr Bob, Janggut and all the crew members not listed here for the great gathering in representing Drone Development of Malaysia Scene.

Therefore, The event is also a showcase benchmark for aerial photography equipment in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.


Average Drone would like to thanks to TV3 and all our drone pilot crew participants

for the successful and meaningful event. We are so proud to have you around.


Subsequent to the this event.


There will be another gathering with TV3 Malaysia main TV Station Media to cover on Drone Entrepreneurship.

Among the issue to be cover is about Drone Awareness on Risk and Safety Precaution.

The details shooting will be on this coming Saturday the 7 February 2015.

The venue will be at Padang Merbok Kuala Lumpur

Presenter 1 : Mr Eddie Putera to cover on Drone for video and photography

Presentation 2 : Mr Hamdi to cover on the Equipment Handling and Safety


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