Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography enables air surveillance objective can be achieved at the most cost effective ways which conventionally done using aeroplane and helicopter.

Aerial Photography Services is the main services that a drone can provide regardless of brand and budget. Aerial photography project can record bird eye view visual of the picture image and video can be to be stream and download for further processing and image finishing.

The drone equipment can be programmed to run schedules or manually manoeuvre to capture shots at certain coordinates and altitude.

The variation factor in quoted services fees depending on aircraft selection, pilot skills, project location, flight preparations, other risk factors and the image quality of pictures and video that fulfil the requirement specifications.



The targeted aerial job using the services are in the area of:

1) Building inspection.

2) Construction site inspection.

3) Agriculture survey and inspection.

4) Filming industry for aerial view shot.

5) Advertisement campaign for records and publications.

6) Real Estate, Hotel, commercial building, factory, land property.

7) Private event for corporates profiles, sports day, official ceremony, private events, special performances on a fancy aerial job like dropping light weight objects, Ang pow, candy in the air, air stunt shows, or to carry small object on the occasion.


For your information: 

There are mainly 3 types of our standard services package:

  1. Basic 
  2. Experts
  3. Professional

The main factors for variation of services are depending on:

Basic and experts services – The main market demand is mostly coming from this market. It classified as general aerial services that cover mass industrial of real estate, property developers, building maintenance, inspection, surveillance and cinematography that rely on pro grade aircraft with an experienced skilled pilot to perform the standard aerial photography and videography deliverables.

Professional services are standard packages depending on the specific job itself. We have readily professionals and consultants for on-demand services in specialised sectors like oil and gas, telecommunications, data mapping or professional data providers, utility and energy sector that required high technology equipment, specialised software and post-production processing services.

This is the sample of raw footage taken for plantation demo  :


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The Status: 

Average Drone RC Services is currently offering the standard services and at the same time developing the collaborations with other drone services provider so that we can offer Malaysia coverage that best in terms of objective, economic, skills and budget.



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Do you want to join our services team?

We are looking for quadcopter, UAV, drone pilot for Malaysia nationwide coverage to collaborate providing aerial photography services.

We offer a right package to the right team or candidates.

Are you smart, willing to learn quickly, you have a know-how, skills on flying drone aircraft, the drone technical & maintenance, drone training work is done? Maybe you got the talent we have been searching for long. Then what are you waiting for? In exchange for your passion and skills, we offer a competitive package, full benefits, friendly work environment and much more. Drop us an enquiry then we can know you or your team better…


Kindly contact our friendly customer service team. Best is to leave us your name, contact number, email, equipment, location, brief of flying experience and we can start the ball rolling once when we have the job order that matches your profiles.

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