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Futaba 8J Remote Control


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The performance you want, at a price you won't believe.

When you consider all of the functions that the 8J offers, along with its price point, you'll realize that this is one amazing system.

Some of the awesome features you'll enjoy on the 8J include frequency-hopping security, the ability to transfer model data wirelessly between 8J transmitters, 6 programmable mixes (2 with curves), 5 heli flight conditions, 3-axis gyro support, 5-point pitch/throttle curves and a receiver with a full-range, dual internal antenna that can handle any application you can think of. All on-screen terms are spelled out on a backlit LCD screen. And everything is easily accessed and programmed with a jog dial and three buttons.

Precision. Programming ease. Versatility. It's all here with the 8J, and at a price that makes it one of the most incredible values in radio control.

Futaba Transmitter Ready
R2008SB 8-Channel Receiver spacer The included R2008SB 2.4GHz S-FHSS receiver is S.Bus-compatible and features Dual Antenna Diversity. It also comes equipped to handle high voltage applications.
Futaba 8J

Here are just some of the functions you'll find on the 8J:

Main Menu 1
Main Menu 1
Main Menu 2
Main Menu 2
Main Menu 3
Main Menu 3

Wireless Data Transfer
Wireless Data Transfer between 8J transmitters
Auxillary Channel Switch Assignment
Auxiliary Channel Switch Assignment
P-Mix (Curve Menu)
P-Mix (Curve Menu)

Throttle Curve (Airplane)
Throttle Curve (Airplane)
Pitch Curve (Heli)
Pitch Curve (Heli)
Flight Condition Menu (Heli)
Flight Condition Menu (Heli)

System features
  • Futaba S-FHSS 2.4GHz security (also compatible with FHSS)

  • Airplane and Helicopter modes

  • 20 model memory

  • S.Bus-compatible S-FHSS receiver

  • Wireless transfer of model data to and from other 8J transmitters

  • 10-character model and user naming

  • Large (128 x 64 dot) backlit LCD display

  • 8 channels (one variable knob, five 2-position switches, two 3-position switches, one momentary switch, two digital levers)

  • Quick and easy programming using a jog dial and three buttons

  • End point adjustment

  • Dual Rate/Expo (any switch selectable)

  • Servo reversing

  • Sub Trim on all 8 channels

  • Digital Trims

  • Trim Step adjustability

  • ATL (Adjustable Travel Limit)

  • Failsafe on all 8 channels

  • Trainer mode

  • Throttle cut

  • Two Count-up/Count-down timers plus integrated timer

  • Model timer

  • Range check mode

  • Servo Monitor/Test

  • Auxiliary Channel switch/level assignability
spacer Airplane Features
  • Six programmable mixes (two with curves)

  • Flaperons with differential rate

  • Flap Trim

  • Differential Ailerons

  • V-tail mixing

  • Elevon

  • Ailevator

  • Snap Roll

  • Elevator/Flap mixing

  • Airbrake/Landing

  • Aileron/Rudder mixing

  • Flap/Elevator mixing

  • Gyro sensitivity

  • Throttle curve (5 points)

  • Pitch curve (5 points)

  • Throttle delay

  • Throttle/Needle mixing (5 points)

  • Idle down (any switch selectable)
spacer Helicopter Features
  • Six programmable mixes (two with curves)

  • 8 Swash Plate types

  • 5 Flight Conditions (normal, idle up 1, idle up 2, idle up 3, hold)

  • Throttle curve (five points/four curves)

  • Pitch curve (five points/five curves)

  • Throttle hold

  • Hover pitch mixing

  • Hover throttle mixing

  • Gyro sensitivity/mixing

  • Governor setting/mixing

  • Hi/Lo Pitch mixing

  • Offset mixing

  • Condition delay

  • Throttle mixing (swash>throttle)

  • Throttle/Needle mixing (5 point curve)

  • Swash AFR

  • Swash mixing

  • Electronic swash ring

  • Throttle delay

  • Revolution mixing

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Stock # System Modulation Band Receiver
FUTK8100 8JA S-FHSS 2.4GHz R2008SB
FUTK8101 8JH S-FHSS 2.4GHz R2008SB


  • 4 “AA” cells 
  • Servos

Transmitter Specifications:
Type: 2-stick, 8-channel S-FHSS/FHSS selectable
Current Drain: 140mA 

R2008SB 8-Channel Receiver
Receiver Specifications:
R2008SB 2.4GHz S-FHSS 8-Channel Receiver
Type: Full-range flight receiver 
Modes: S-FHSS or FHSS 
Features: High-voltage operation, frequency-hopping Spread Spectrum design, Dual Antenna Diversity, S.Bus compatibility
Voltage Input: 4.8V-7.4V battery or regulated output from ESC 
Compatible Batteries: NiCd, NiMH, LiPo, LiIon or LiFe
Dimensions: 0.98 x 1.69 x 0.55 in (24.9 x 42.8 x 14.0 mm) 
Weight: 0.34 oz (9.5 g)
Stock #: FUTL7608

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