Tarot Iron Man 650 Frame Fully Foldable

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Tarot Iron Man 650 Frame

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Tarot Iron Man 650 Frame Fully Foldable Expand

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Product Descriptions: 
  • TARO 3K carbon fiber plate and 3K hollow pure carbon fiber tube (not 3K glassy carbon tube), CNC processed.
  • Whole set is only 485g
  • Foldable design, which is for customers has high portability
  • Camera gimbal shall be hanged on the front, which is slidable. The battery position is also adjustable; users can adjust the C.G. based on the photography equipments.
  • Especially for monitor, remote sensing, survey and mapping, aerial investigation, fire observation, life exploration, cable patrol, and farm monitoring applications which has moving objects but no heavy loading
Recommended configuration: gopro configuration
  • 180-250W motor+20A ESC+4S 5000 battery+10-12 inches propeller
General configuration: EVIL/SLR-LIKE configuration
  • 300-400W motor+30A ESC+4S 5000-10000 battery+12-14 inches propeller
Unrecommended configuration: DSLR configuration
  • 400W above motor+40A ESC+6S 5000-10000 battery+14-17 inches propeller
Acc: TRCH68B14.TRCH65B03.TRCH65B04.TRCH65B05.TRCH65B06.TRCH68B08.TRCH68B09-02.TRCH68B10