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DJI Spark Combo Fly More

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DJI Spark RTF Expand


  • Flight Time: 16 minutes
  • Top Speed: 31mph (Sport Mode)
  • Visual Positioning: Downward
  • Colour: Variations Available
  • Obstacle Avoidance: Forward
  • Camera: 1080p video & 12MP stills
  • Controllers: New DJI RC, Mobile Device or Gesture Control

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RM 3,300

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A New Compact Design

DJI’s new Spark drone shares some similarities with its predecessor, the Mavic Pro, however, the static motor arms (with under-mounted LEDs), newly designed camera and more prominent sensor array give it a truly individual appearance.

You can shoot videos up to 1080p and stills up to 12MP while keeping your aircraft safe with DJI's forward obstacle avoidance system and downwards visual positioning.

Whether you're looking for a drone as a first time user or shopping around for another affordable, highly portable solution to throw in your bag for a day of flying the DJI Spark offers plenty of functionality for a drone of its size.

DJI Spark Mavic Comparison

DJI Spark Gif

DJI Spark: Features & Functionality

Here’s what you need to know about the DJI Spark's suite of features:


  • Forward obstacle avoidance and underside visual positioning sensors
  • You can fly the Spark without a controller or mobile device (although both also work) using PalmControl
  • Gesture control for easy image capture
  • Micro SD slot and USB-C port in rear of aircraft
  • Front-mounted 2-axis mechanical gimbal with 4K camera
  • A range of colours to make your Spark individual to you

DJI Spark Fly More Combo Bundle

Why buy the Fly More Combo?

Firstly - you'll save money!

The remote controller included in this bundle give you another way to control your aircraft and will stop you having to use your mobile device as a controller.

There's also a carry case to help transport your spark safely and some prop guards to prevent any bumps and scrapes while in flight.

As if that wasn't enough - the extra included Spark battery will help keep you in the air for longer periods of time without needed to recharge!