DJI NAZA-M-V2 Stabilizer Controller with GPS

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NDJI NAZA V2 Multi-Rotor Stabilization Controller NAZA-M-V2 Expand


  • All-in-one Design
  • Nine Types of Multi-rotors Supported
  • Free Ground Station Function
  • New Assistant Software for Smartphone
  • Independent PMU with amazing function extension
  • Enhanced Failsafe Mode
  • Two Levels of Low Voltage Protections
  • Multi-rotor One-power Output Fail Protection
  • Advanced & Improved Attitude Stabilization Algo
  • Multiple Flight Control Modes/Intelligent Switching

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RM 1,250

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Combo Included :
1. Naza M V2
2. Naza M GPS V2
3. PMU V2
4. LED Module


  • All-in-One Design: NAZA simplifies installation and saves space and weight. With the innovative All-in-One design, NAZA contains inner damping, controllers, 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis gyroscope and barometer in its light and small Main Controller.
  • Multiple Flight Control Mode/Intelligent Switching: Naza-M offers three types of control modes; GPS Atti. Mode (with GPS module), Atti. Mode, Manual Mode. Customers can switch between the three modes to adjust for different flight environments, even in a weak GPS environment.
  • GPS Module/Accurate Position Hold: Naza-M GPS will greatly enhance performance for entry AP with Position Hold, Return-To-Home and Intelligent Orientation Control.
  • Failsafe: Naza controller has built-in auto level Fail-Safe function. That means when the communication between MC and transmitter is disconnected, the outputs of all command sticks from controller will go to center point.
  • Intelligent Orientation Control
  • Independent PMU with function extension
  • Independent LED Module
  • Advanced attitude stabilize