Tarot 810 Folding Carbon Fiber Hexacopter Frame

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Tarot 810 Folding Carbon Frame

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Tarot 810 Folding Carbon Fiber Hexacopter Frame Expand

• T810 folding carbon fiber six-axis frame
• Full carbon tube folding
• Lightweight two-color motor seat
• Flight load of 3 kg design compressive load 15 kg

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The Tarot 810 Folding Carbon Fibre Hexacopter Frame is a six-axis hexacopter frame. It uses 100% carbon content Toray 3K plain carbon fibre woven and CNC machined with precision. It is made using a high temperature and high-pressure precast of 2.0 thickness of pure carbon matte twill carbon fibre sheet with a quality beyond conventional commercially available products. The quick folding system can be directly mounted in a safe and reliable line, to avoid the use of plug circuits.

This product uses self-locking nuts with a unique structure thread that has excellent resistance to lateral vibration. They provide a strong clamping force. Also, includes full carbon nanotubes for excellent damping when folded. The lightweight two-tone metal pieces of the exterior provide a good visual in the air and have good aesthetic appeal. Multi-standard high-current slip gilded interior locking hubs are also used.

This product also has anti-skid gold-plated cable connectors and a flight load of 3 kg design compressive load 15 kg.


• 4114/320KV multi-axis brushless motor
• 1555 streamlined carbon multi-axis positive and negative paddle
• 30-35 multi-axis ESC
• 6S power battery 10000-15000mAh

What's Included

• T810 rack-mounted full-carbon tube (349MM)
• T810 rack folding carbon nanotubes
• The T810/T960 six-axis rack battery holder
• M4 butterfly aluminium screw
• Multi-axis metal locking clip
• T810/T960 folding six-axis body cover
• The Tarot 6-in-1 Hub group
• The new 25mm Motor Mount / Black
• The new 25mm Motor Mount / Orange
• T810, T960s metal reinforced cover
• 25mm the PTZ tube folder / Black