Basic Training - How to fly 101

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Basic Training - How to fly

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Basic Training for beginner pilot 101


Training preset at Averagedrone location.

Training rates for indoor and outdoor.

Training per session and per-person.

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The aim of the training

By the end of the course candidates will be able to:

  • Describe different types of Multicopters and its systems.
  • Identify the most common mistakes done by drone pilots.
  • Describe the most important resources on drones and identify the ones important for the data collection operations.
  • Understand the character of drones and type of drones.
  • Understand and explain why knowing the cropping type (intensive, extensive, seed production or organic) is important in crop scouting.
  • Understand the most important factors that may affect the health of a drone.
  • Recognise and be able to use the basic hovering and flying.

Training suit for:

  • New to the industry?
  • Have you just purchased a new drone device?
  • Thinking about starting up a new business using your drone?
  • Looking to fly ash hobby or recreationally but want to put safety first?

The Introductory Flight Training course is a one-day course specifically aimed at providing you with the necessary core skills to operate safely. Run by our highly experienced and qualified pilots, it covers the basic yet essential knowledge of your drone system.

Each element of the one day course has been carefully designed to ensure that knowledge is built upon and developed, providing the student with the confidence to operate their platform in a safe and legal manner.